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If I Ran the Horse Show: All About Horses - Bonnie Worth, Aristides Ruiz, Joe Mathieu

This book is fun and exciting for students who love horses. This would be a fun book to read aloud in class in a 1st- 3rd grade setting. Then it would be a fun activity to have the students create their own horse and write about their horse in the horse show and the teacher be the judge. This would be a great writing opportunity for imagination and creativity.


Stellaluna - Janell Cannon

I do not have this in my library yet but I remember it was a great book. This is on my wish list. I would read this aloud to a 1st or second grade classroom. It would be fun to read with a bat themed week, or Halloween. Then the students could use one of the websites on the ipads to read the book aloud during our Daily 5 time. I really want to implement Daily 5 in my classroom.

Columbus Day

Columbus Day - Robin Nelson

I think that if I paired this with the cute commercial with the child eating cereal and the cereal is making sure he is ready for the test and then reading the book about Columbus sailing the ocean blue would spark their interest. Then they could reenact their own cereal commercial! This would probably be on a 1st grade reading level, but it hold valuable information that the students could use in a research worksheet or scavenger hunt of Columbus' life.

Veterans Day

Veterans Day (First Step Nonfiction) - Robin Nelson

I love this Holiday. It would be fun to read this book and have my students write friendly letters to veterans thanking them for their service. I loved writing letters to my friends over seas and it would be a great opportunity for the kids to write and make someone's day. I think this would be appropriate for younger grades, the reading is very elementary but the information is good and specific.

President's Day

President's Day - Robin Nelson

This would be a good book to read when my 1st grade class is learning all about our presidents and to go along with history. It would be fun to give them a writing assignment about what a President does and what the white house looks like.

Thanksgiving -AH

Thanksgiving (First Step Nonfiction - American Holidays) - Robin Nelson

This book would be another one to read during Thanksgiving. It is more realistic and tells the true story of Thanksgiving. I would find multiple Thanksgiving stories to read to my class so they can compare the different stories. I would use this with a 1st or 2nd grade class. This could be used along with my other Thanksgiving books and have them do an activity I have of " the Thankful Turkey".

Independence Day

Independence Day - Robin Nelson

This is a book in my collection of American Holiday books. This would be a fun book to read and have them talk about fireworks and what independence means. I would use this with a 1st or second grade class. Then for an activity I would take toilet paper rolls, cut slits half way up the tube and bend them outwards. When you dip them in paint and put them on paper they look like fire works. I could do multiple writing things with this collection of books.

Memorial Day

Memorial Day (First Step Nonfiction) - Robin Nelson

I think this is one of  the most important holidays that we celebrate. This would be a good book to read before the holiday and have the students reflect on a time they may have seen a flag flying somewhere. This would be most appropriate for 1st or second grade. This series gives students great Insight to holidays and answers the "why do we celebrate this" question. 

Flag Day

Flag Day - Robin Nelson

I think that learning about the American Flag is really important. This is a simple book that explains this holiday and then the students could draw their own flag of an imaginary country and what that flag would look like. Then they could write a story to go along with their imaginary country. I am all about students going beyond and out of the box in their writing. I would use this with a 1st - 3rd grade class.


Juneteenth - Robin Nelson

This book is part of my " American Holidays" collection. Although we wouldn't be in school on this holiday I found this short book very interesting. It would be good to read if a child from Texas was to move to my school because this Holiday is celebrated in Texas. I would use this for about 1st grade. If I had a new student from Texas who celebrated this holiday, I would let them explain it to the class before we got out for summer. I think letting students do some of the teaching is important for social and mental interaction.

American Holiday Collection

Labor Day - Robin Nelson

This would be a fun book to read on Labor Day to make sure the kids understand what Labor Day actually is for. This is a very elementary book, so I would use this for kindergarten or 1st grade. I would read it aloud and then for a writing assignment we would write letters to all of the hard workers in our area.

MLK jr Day

Martin Luther King JR. Day - Robin Nelson

This is a very short but informational book set in my holiday collection. This would be good for a mini-lesson and then have the kids learn more about MLK Jr. for a project or if the school is doing a play this would be good insight. This would be set for ages 1st grade to 3rd grade. I would bring multiple books relating to this subject and then we could create a class skit about MLK Jr's life. I love acting and theatre in the classroom and I did this when I was younger.


The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything - Linda D. Williams, Megan Lloyd

This is another great Halloween book. It uses a lot of sound words and that could start a fun writing assignment where the students must use 4-5 words in their short story. ( clomp, stomp, wiggle). Then have the students share. I would use this in a 2nd to 3rd grade classroom. I could read it aloud to younger students but I think that for any assignment to go along with it, it should be given to older students.

Holiday fun

A Halloween Scare in Alabama (Halloween Scare: Prepare If You Dare) - Eric James, Marina La Ray

This is a really fun book for all of the children. It has great potential to start active minds and would be a great starter for a writing activity or a short story to read aloud.


Santa Is Coming to Alabama - Steve Smallman, Robert Dunn

This is such a fun and exciting book for younger kids who still believe in Santa. I would use this up to about 4th grade. One could imagine endless activities and coloring pages for Christmas time. Having a Santa activity along with a letter to Santa activity would be AWESOME. Or even reading it at the class Christmas party.

Biscuit - Valentines Day

Biscuit's Valentine's Day - Alyssa Satin Capucilli, Pat Schories

This is another simple book, I would use it for kindergarten. Not very wordy and has flaps on the inside. This would be a fun book to read before Valentines day and to have different crafts that the class makes for each other after reading it. This is the book that I used for my Valentines Day activity. I suggested the class read it, then make cards for the principal, nurse and other hard workers in the school.